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By joining your local ICAN chapter, not only will you have access to the resources and support of the ICAN organization, but you will also have a subscription to ICANs quarterly newsletter, the Clarion. A local chapter is of valuable assistance to women seeking information about hospitals and caregivers in her area and creates an opportunity for women of like minds to meet in a safe place to share their experiences and make changes in their community. It is important that you join ICAN through your local chapter so that a portion of the funds stay in Louisville!

To join ICAN of Louisville, please fill out the following form AND submit payment below via paypal.

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Donations to ICAN of Louisville
Donations made to ICAN of Louisville help run our all-volunteer organization and allow us to have an active presence in Louisville’s birthing community. All funds donated apart from an ICAN subscription stay in Louisville to help mothers and babies in the Louisville area.

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By joining your local ICAN chapter, you will have access to the resources and support of the ICAN organization and a subscription to ICAN's quarterly newsletter, the Clarion.